Personal Training


Looking to feel strong, confident, and empowered?

Hey! If you're reading this, you're probably either pregnant or postpartum, and you probably have a few questions about fitness.

Prenatal and postpartum fitness for real life.

I specialize in fitness for moms just like you! I know how busy you are, I know what it feels like to try to fit in some self care. Let's make it as simple, straightforward, and effective as possible!

Fitness for moms

Having a baby changes everything, including your fitness routine. Maybe you tried to do your old workout, only to find that it doesn't quite feel the same. Maybe running used to be your stress relief, but now you can't even chase your toddler down the sidewalk without leaking and throwing out your back.  I can help! Let's build up some strength for #momlife, and maybe even get you stronger than you were before baby.

I help people with:

Core/pelvic floor work

Nutrition plans and meal prep

Maintainable habits

Overall life balance

Weight loss

Gaining strength


How does it work?

We set up an initial assessment, where we meet to discuss your goals and challenges. Not sure what a good goal is for you? I can help you find something that is attainable, enjoyable, exciting, and with just the right amount of challenge.  After your assessment, you decide how many sessions you’d like to book. Once you’ve paid for those, we book your first session and then begins the fun part!

What you can expect during our sessions

I first check to see how you’re doing. I ask questions about everything from your pelvic floor function, stress levels, sleep, hydration, nutrition, to how your kids are doing in school

We then start working on your goals! The first few sessions are about laying the groundwork so you have a solid foundation to build on. Future sessions are all about refining and getting down to the nitty gritty. This looks different for each person. Plans are fluid as life changes and we need to be able to roll with it.

I send a session summary to the email you have provided me. This includes notes, goals, workouts, community resources to check out, recipes or food ideas.

In between sessions, you can expect regular check-ins. I want to help keep you on track and provide support or resources if needed. You are also encouraged to reach out with any question you may have

Prices: (add HST. All prices in CAD)

Initial assessment: $50

hourly rate: $80

For in-home personal training, where the trainer goes to you (valid within Guelph only) please contact me for additional driving charges


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