"I began working with Steph about the same time I got pregnant with my 5th. I had some long term and short term goals that she helped me work through. She is real-life and very encouraging!! What I really appreciated was her focus on core/pelvic floor protection and rehab. She also helped me a lot with birth prep and it made my delivery that much smoother. Her workout program and personal coaching also helped so much in my postpartum recovery and I am continuing to work towards my goals with her always by my side. It is a privilege to work with her-even from afar as we met virtually."



"Steph has out so much time and thought into her programs. After I had my second baby, I knew that my core muscles had weakened further and I needed to pay attention to my postpartum fitness. Her videos and exercise outlines are so convenient to do right in your own home with minimal equipment! And having 4 children herself, she knows exactly what you’re going through and can help you with any concerns. I am so thankful to have her program as a pelvic floor rehab resource!"



"Steph was great to work with - encouraging, challenging, with down-to-earth wisdom and a flexible schedule. I dealt with painful SPD, sciatica and gestational diabetes, but in the months we worked together she found gentle exercises to engage and strengthen my body so I could take care of myself and my family."


"Steph was such a fountain of information for me when I was needing to make decisions for my third delivery. I loved how easy it was to talk to her and ask her questions. I highly recommend reaching out to her!"


"Steph was an amazing support before and after my birth. She was so reassuring when I went 10 days past my due date and always made sure I was ok. After birth she was always there offering support, help, and letting me know there were resources available for recovery. Steph is a wealth of information as a doula and also has so much expertise regarding the pelvic floor!"
"Steph is an amazing doula! She was able to answer any questions I had during pregnancy and postpartum. She has a wealth of information and is always willing to listen attentively. Steph reasured me with any concerns I had!"

"I reached out to Steph for help during my 5th pregnancy. With previous pregnancies I had challenges with pelvic floor and lower back, and I felt hopeful she could help me, and she lived up to my expectations. We met for assessments and then did some one on one video work together. She is encouraging, thorough, knowledgeable and more. She listened as things changed as my pregnancy progressed and modified my exercise as needed. She would check in regularly too, which is what I needed as a busy mom to keep working on/for myself. After baby arrived she even came to my house for a reassessment! I was so grateful for this. When you hire Steph you get the whole package. I'm looking forward to continuing to work with her during this post partum phase."



“Steph is a fantastic coach! She cares about you and your goals. Her program is wonderful, it’s a great place to start focusing on your fitness goals. She has really helped me with my postpartum fitness- I didn’t know where to start at first! The workouts are as challenging as you want/need them to be (she offers a lot of modifications) Steph is also funny and very approachable!”



“Meeting with Steph for prenatal fitness was just what I needed during my first pregnancy. I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds it hard to make time for exercise so meeting at a certain time twice a week was so helpful. More than just exercise, she taught me specific strengthening moves to prepare me for labour and postpartum. It was very practical and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is pregnant for prenatal fitness!”



“She’s great! Very much looks for long term goals instead of just temporary short-term goals. Teaches you the proper way to work out and how to breathe properly during the exercise as well. She connects with you regularly to see how things are going which I absolutely love!”



“Steph’s support after our emergency c-section was so valuable. Her presence during my recovery put my husband at ease and helped him to keep me comfortable. Having someone to lean on during the weeks following delivery allowed for healthy processing of postpartum emotions. And the help with housework was of course a welcome bonus!”



“Steph is so caring and compassionate! She is also very knowledgeable and passionate about educating her clients. She was very helpful to both myself and my husband during my pregnancy, the birth of my son, and the weeks and months postpartum. She was always available when I needed her and always eager to help me find ways to be more comfortable. She was so easy to talk to and both my husband and I really benefitted from having her on our team. I highly recommend Steph Bouwman! She’s amazing!”



“Steph helped me and my partner take care of my beautiful daughter after an emergency c-section and post-op infection complications left me unable to do everyday tasks due to severe pain. She supported me overnight during my healing process by taking care of baby Athena by feeding her, changing her diaper, and doing some light duties around the house. As my partner was working during the day and needed to sleep, and I was unable to care for the baby on my own, Steph was an angel in disguise. During COVID, I was so grateful to have Steph’s expertise as both a mom and a doula. As a first-time mom, and recovering from very unexpected complications, I couldn’t have managed without Steph’s overnight help. Thank you! I wholeheartedly recommend Steph Bouwman to anyone requiring her services!”


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