Guelph Prenatal Classes


So, you’re having a baby! You probably have a million questions, and want to gather as much information as you can, but the internet can be so overwhelming. Asking friends can be helpful, but you want unbiased info.

Join me for one-of-a-kind prenatal classes, here in Guelph!

Join me in Guelph for one-of-a-kind prenatal classes!

Prenatal classes can teach you all you need to know before the birth of your baby. You don't know what your newborn will be like (please sleep) but you can learn what to expect, and have resources and information already in place for your best birth possible.

I cover things like the stages of labour, how you and your partner can be prepared for each stage, what to expect if you’re going for an unmedicated birth/ epidural/c-section, what to pack in your hospital bag, breastfeeding 101, how to communicate with your provider, how your partner can be involved, what to expect the first few days, and so much more!

Prenatal classes with me are a little different because I incorporate pelvic health throughout my sessions.  Your pelvic floor and core play huge roles in pregnancy, labour/delivery, and postpartum. So, let's talk about it and prepare ourselves!

Group prenatal classes (held in Elizabeth Street Birth Collective) and private sessions. Not sure which option is best for you? Reach out and I'll help you find your fit.

Guelph Prenatal Classes: Two Options 

A free discovery session

Meet the doula, tell me what you want to learn about!

5 sessions (1 hour for each session)

These are generally done in the evenings, over zoom. Most couples like to wait until a few months before their due date, to ensure information is still ‘fresh’.

written copy of everything we’ve talked about

This way you can always have that information readily available, whether that’s for birth prep or when it’s go-time.

1 follow up after baby is here

A lot of parents like sharing the birth story, and you may have questions about the birth, things you want to talk about, or questions about life with a newborn.

Option 1) Private Prenatal Classes

$550 (Add HST, in CAD)

Option 2) Group Prenatal Classes

The next session takes place Wednesday, November 9 from 7-9 pm @ Elizabeth St. Birth collective, Guelph. (264 Elizabeth Street.)

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