Planning an upcoming birth? It can be downright overwhelming.

There is A LOT of information out there: one google article says do this, but your friend who has kids tells you to do the exact opposite thing. What gives? How are you supposed to know what to do?

Birth doulas are birth experts

We are all so different, and that is why it's so important to work with someone (ahem, a birth doula) who knows your individual needs and circumstances. Birth is a transformative experience, let me be your tour guide! Keep reading for more benefits of doula care and how it works. 

Living in/around Guelph? Nice to meet you, neighbour! I am a Guelph doula and fellow mama, offering doula services to families in my area.

As "The Pelvic Floor Doula"  I take doula support to the next level. I help moms optimize their bodies for birth and postpartum (hello less tearing and a faster recovery!), while still providing that amazing birth doula support we all need and deserve. I want you to feel empowered and informed every step of the way!


Guelph Birth Doula Support

Why hire a birth doula?

39% decrease in the risk of having a c-section

15% increase in the likelihood of a spontaneous vaginal birth

10% decrease in the use of medications for pain relief

34% decrease in the risk of feeling dissatisfied with the birth experience

38% decrease in baby’s risk of a low Apgar score

A shorter labour by 41 minutes (average)

So, what do birth doulas actually do?

We are NOT health care providers, so you won’t see us taking your blood pressure or doing cervical checks. You can find doulas providing support in other ways.


Position ideas for comfort and labour progression, counter pressure for low back or hip pain, reassuring touch, breathing techniques and that special “doula magic” that can’t be described. Birth doulas are trained in all the aspects of labour and delivery, so you know you're in good hands. 


Doulas listen and help the family feel supported. We offer non-judgemental support. Epidural, c-section, natural, home birth, what matters to us is what matters to you. Your birth wishes become our own. Doula support means that we are there with you in every contraction, helping you feel a little less alone. 

Informational Support

Doulas provide evidence-based research on all kinds of topics, to help you make the best decision for YOU. We offer the pros and cons and allow you to arrive at your own decision, and support you in that decision. No question is silly, we have seen and heard a lot.

Partner Support

The partner’s birth experience also matters. This could be the baby’s father, a family friend, or your mom. Your partner knows you; doulas know birth. We support the partner as they take whatever role they feel comfortable with. Some are very hands on, some not as much. A birth doula helps the partner to conserve their energy, allows them to take breaks, and understand what’s going on during labour and delivery.

What does doula support mean for you and your birth?

Having a baby is a transformative experience for you and your whole family. Birth doulas help you navigate all the twists and turns of pregnancy, labour and delivery. We know your birth wishes, we know what past experiences you've had, we know what you're hoping for and what you're hoping to avoid. This isn't 'just another person in the room,' this person is chosen by YOU. We're there for the 'hey, is this normal?' questions, the 3 am phone call when your water breaks, and your doula will come ASAP to support you when baby decides to make their entrance.

Optimize your body for birth and postpartum with the Pelvic Floor Doula.

Your body was meant to birth your baby! However, this doesn't mean that going medication free during labour is right for everyone. Do you know what does work for most people? Learning how to use movement, gravity, and breath to make your labour and delivery as efficient as possible; what happens during birth has an impact on postpartum recovery! Everyone deserves to feel safe and supported, everyone deserves to know ALL of their options in any given circumstance.

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Guelph Birth Doula Support: an empowered and informed birth experience!

(add HST, all prices in CAD)

Virtual Doula Support: $900


Basic Birth Doula Package: $1,200


Birth Doula + Pelvic Prep: $1,500


Birth Doula +Pelvic Prep + Postpartum Recovery: $1,800


Postpartum Doula Services: please note that this service is reserved for my birth doula clients!

What do postpartum doulas actually do?

We provide support in a variety of ways! Not all-knowing like your mom might be, not just a nanny for your other kids.

Emotional Support

The transition from no baby to a little human depending on you 24-7 can be tough. Doulas are great at validating your instincts while parenting the parents and really hearing what you have to say.  Sometimes all you need is some reassurance and a hug. Worried about postpartum mood disorders? Your doula can support you and offer some referrals, if needed.

Practical Support

Postpartum doulas can make the days and nights with a new baby run a little more smoothly. This looks a little different for every family; some like help with meal prep, light housecleaning or laundry, others like the chance to grab a nap/shower/hot meal while the doula takes care of the baby.

Family Support

A new baby is a huge transition for everyone. This includes partners, siblings, and anyone else living in the house.  Part of a postpartum doula’s job is to help the entire household adjust and settle into life with baby.

Informational Support

Doulas know what new moms and babies need. They are trained in breastfeeding 101, and are often the sleep fairies that new parents crave! “Is this normal???” is a very common question. We can help to reassure you, or send you to one of the professionals in the area from our extensive networking list.

Postpartum Doula Services (add HST, all prices in CAD)

All packages include a complimentary meet and greet, unlimited phone and text support, core and pelvic floor assessment and questionnaire, as well as community resources.

Basic: $700

  • 20 hours of postpartum support

Standard: $1280

  • 40 hours of postpartum support

Super: $1800

  • 60 hours of postpartum support

Overnight: $450

  • 8 hours of sweet, sweet sleep

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