Whether you are pregnant or postpartum, knowing what to do with your pelvic floor is key to both pelvic health and total body balance. These programs go beyond laying on your back; I have participants moving around and doing the same things they would in everyday life.  Motherhood is hard on our bodies, but that doesn't mean you need to live with pain or leaks!

Core/pelvic floor programs

Pregnancy Core/Pelvic Floor Program

You're pregnant; congrats! You may be wondering how to use your core effectively while pregnant, or wondering about how to reduce back pain and Diastasis Recti. If those are a few questions that have gone through your head, this program is for you!

Postpartum Core/Pelvic Floor Program

Whether you are 5 months, 5 years or 15 years postpartum, it is never too late to improve core/pelvic floor function. Learn about anatomy, how to activate and relax those muscles, and then how to use them in your workouts and everyday life. Having babies does not need to mean living with pain and leaks!

Video Bundles (core and pelvic floor programs plus additional information) 

Pregnancy Bundle
  • pregnancy core/pelvic floor
  • SI/SPD
  • birth preparation
  • 1 coaching call with Steph
Postpartum Bundle
  • postpartum core/pelvic floor
  • postpartum first 6 weeks
  • getting started
  • 1 coaching call with Steph

** programs are also included in the monthly subscription. If you buy it separately you have it to keep!