Prenatal and postpartum fitness meets pelvic health resources for every stage of motherhood.

Fitness for moms

I’m guessing you’re here because you’re interested in fitness/pelvic health, or maybe a combination of the two.  You probably also have a kid or two (or four, like me) and are wondering things like
-       How do I work out from home? I don’t have a lot of equipment
-       My kids can sit still for an episode or two of paw patrol, so that gives me about 30 minutes to workout
-       Some days I hardly recognize my body; I have no idea where to start with working out. The old exercises don’t feel the same and I hate googling everything

Behold, I bring you... Bump and Beyond Fitness!

I remember thinking the same things (you can read more about my story here) and that’s why I created Bump and Beyond Fitness!

This online, on demand program covers fitness and pelvic health resources for every stage of motherhood.  I cover topics like birth prep, what to do in the first 6 weeks after baby, how to move and workout with a diastasis, what to do if you have pregnancy pelvic pain: hello lightning crotch, and fitness videos for pregnancy and postpartum! I want you to feel strong, empowered, like a bad ass!

Our bodies change a lot as we have our babies, that does NOT mean we need to live with pain and leaking. Miissing out on favourite activities? No thanks (for me it was running, what was yours?) Let’s face it, motherhood is a whole other extreme sport, and requires strength. Don’t be afraid of your changing body, learn how to work with it so you can be stronger than before you had kids!

Wondering where to start? Take the quiz!

Knowing where to start and what to do is half the battle. I've created a handy placement quiz to guide you! Your results will be emailed to you, with direct links to sections in BBF.

What people are saying

“Steph is a fantastic coach! She cares about you and your goals. Her program is wonderful, it’s a great place to start focusing on your fitness goals. She has really helped me with my postpartum fitness- I didn’t know where to start at first! The workouts are as challenging as you want/need them to be (she offers a lot of modifications) Steph is also funny and very approachable!”


"Steph has out so much time and thought into her programs. After I had my second baby, I knew that my core muscles had weakened further and I needed to pay attention to my postpartum fitness. Her videos and exercise outlines are so convenient to do right in your own home with minimal equipment! And having 4 children herself, she knows exactly what you’re going through and can help you with any concerns. I am so thankful to have her program as a pelvic floor rehab resource!"


Steph is so personable and willing to accommodate any needs! She is REAL and gets how hard things are with young ones, but super supportive and encouraging! I love getting her accountability txts as it keeps me going. I really appreciate how she teaches the fundamentals of day to day life with exercising and strengthening muscles! She has been an awesome friend, encourages me and I can talk to her about anything! Thanks for all your hard work Steph!!


Steph does a fantastic job educating! I learned so much from her online videos, and she always made herself easily available for questions. Her approach to fitness is very realistic for those who have young kids at home, which is very helpful!



Monthly Annual

Bump and Beyond Standard

$40 CAD per Month$330 CAD per Year
  • This on demand program covers fitness and pelvic health resources for every stage of pregnancy. Pregnant? Head to the pregnancy section and you'll find videos for staying strong and mobile, minimizing pelvic pain and preparing your pelvic floor for birth. Baby already here? Let's build a strong core and pelvic floor foundation, then get you back to your workouts in a way that lets you feel strong and powerful (oh and pain/leak free too)

Bump and Beyond Premium

$70 CAD per Month$840 CAD per Year
  • Everything in the standard plan, PLUS bi-weekly one on one calls with Steph, text support, personalized workout plans. We all know we get more done with accountability, and I can also help you out with all of your nitty gritty questions. "How do I work out with kids around? I'm experiencing _____ , what should I do? What are the best exercises for my upper body?" You name it, we can talk about it and get you the results you want!

Do you have a few questions?

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