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Guelph Doula Support & Prenatal Classes, Core & Pelvic Floor Rehab, Prenatal & Postpartum Fitness

Less leaks, pain, & overwhelm. More strength, confidence, & support.

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Let's talk a bit about the different stages of motherhood. People tell you all kinds of things about #momlife, but I'm here to make the transformation from just you to you + baby a smoother one



Looking to stay (get) strong and active? Do you want to prevent diastasis recti, incontinence, and prolapse? Ready to prepare for birth in a way that makes you feel like a bad-ass?



Are you looking for birth support, birth education, or maybe prepare your pelvic floor for birth? Do you want to get a head start on postpartum recovery before baby has even arrived?



Do you have a kid (or 4, like me) and want to return to exercise without peeing your pants, in a way that's safe for your body? Looking for  effective, time efficient home workouts?

My Services

   Bump & Beyond Fitness

On-demand fitness and pelvic health videos for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. 

  Guelph Doula Services

Serving families in/around Guelph, ON, both home & hospital. Outside of Guelph? Virtual support available

   Guelph Personal Training

Fitness for moms, tailored to YOU. Online and in-person options available.

   Guelph Prenatal Classes

What you need to know, taught by a mom of 4, doula, perinatal educator and core/pelvic floor specialist

    Meet Steph!

I'm a wife and mom of 4 little humans (I'll take that coffee hot and strong please) I'm also a birth and fitness professional, and I'm passionate about changing the way we view and experience pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. That was the Cole's Notes version, you can read more about my story here.


Wondering where to start with fitness/pelvic health?

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