Hey mama.

I'm Steph, the Pelvic Floor Doula.





Less leaks, pain, & overhwehelm. More strength, confidence, & support.

Hey mama.

I'm Steph, the Pelvic Floor Doula

Guelph birth doula support & prenatal classes, core & pelvic floor rehab,  Guelph prenatal & postpartum fitness


Less leaks, pain & overwhelm. More strength, confidence, & support

I’m a wife, and mom of 4 little humans (I’ll take that coffee hot and strong, please.) I’m also a birth and pelvic health professional, and I’m passionate about changing the way we view pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. You can read more about my story here.

You already know that motherhood is a transformative experience, one that will change you physically and emotionally.

Here’s what you might not know:

  • You can feel strong and confident in your pregnancy
  • fitness is for moms too! You can be stronger after baby
  • Back pain and leaking is common, but not normal
  • It’s totally possible to do (insert favourite activity here) again after baby without wearing a pad
  • moms have muscles too; kids and laundry are heavy, so it's good to know how to lift
  • We all deserve support through birth, whether this is your first or fifth rodeo
  • You can optimize your body for birth and postpartum, regardless of the kind of birth you’re planning
  • Pelvic health plays a HUGE role in birth and postpartum recovery! So let’s prepare and optimize things for a smoother birth and better recovery!
Sound good? Then let's get started! Keep scrolling to see how we can work togerher. I'd love to support you through your motherhood journey.

Bump & Beyond Fitness

On-demand fitness and pelvic health videos for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. 

Personal Training

Fitness for moms, tailored to YOU. Online and in-person options available.

Birth Doula Services

Serving families in/around Guelph, ON, both home & hospital. Outside of Guelph? Virtual support available

Guelph Prenatal Classes

What you need to know, taught by a mom of 4, doula, perinatal educator and core/pelvic floor specialist

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